Acoustic Foam for Soundproofing

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Noise is rooted in different sources and can be identified primarily as high frequency, low frequency and impact. It is important to identify the noise types you are dealing with in order to select both the correct acoustic foam product and the correct method of installation. Some noise issues are different to others and the solution depends very much on the situation. There is no one size fits all approach to soundproofing but our team have years of experience and can help you find the best soundproofing solution.

We have our own range of patented soundproofing products, all of which can be cut to size or ordered as standard size acoustic foam panels.

Our acoustic foam is typically used to provide soundproofing for recording studios, offices, restaurants, and industrial units.

acoustic foam

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We are based in London but we can deliver anywhere in the UK and all our soundproofing foam can be cut exactly to size so you only pay for what you need.

Our acoustic foam comes in a variety of densities and qualities so whatever your sound proofing needs we will have something suitable.