Foam Cushions

Revamp Your Sofa

If your sofa is looking a bit tired and worn, you don't have to spend a fortune on a new one.

Our skilled technicians can make bespoke foam cushions to revamp your sofa, making it feel like new again.

All you have to do is bring your cushion covers along to our HQ in Tottenham and then leave the rest to us.

We use the highest quality British foam for long-lasting, maximum comfort and after the revamp you'll find your sofa more comfy than the day it was delivered.
Sofa Revamp

What's Inside

Our foam cushions can be made to any shape or size you choose.

There are many options to pick from - one option is to have a netted cover over the top of the foam to make removing the cover for cleaning a breeze.

Have a chat with one of our skilled advisors today to discuss your options.
Whats Inside

Dacron Wrapping

When it comes to creating the most comfortable cushions, nothing beats a Dacron wrap finish.

Designed to fill out the cushion cover, smoothing out all of the creases and giving a soft and luxurious finish, the Dacron wrap gives a sculpted feel to the whole cushion.

Find out more about the Dacron wrap's genius properties - contact the Cutfoam team today.
Dacron Wrapping