Bespoke Designs

Harrods Igloo

The Harrods Igloo was one of Cutfoam's 2016 christmas projects.

The construction of this Igloo was an incredibly tricky process only made possible with Cutfoams new CNC machine. The circles were made as a 2d profile process with lossage on the inside to create the curve required to make the dome shape.

Click here for more photos of the igloo construction


Stackoverflow Wall

Stackoverflow commissioned this piece to be used at an event for team building purposes.

Doing a logo on a wall this big was a difficult task for the Cutfoam team but they managed it well.
The conversion to brick form is also a tricky process.
Stackoverflow Wall

Ministry of Sound

This project for itv's Love island in collaboration with the Ministry of Sound.

They approached us with the concept of giant logos that floated in the pool. We used our coating and logo transfer technology along with some complex cnc cutting to produce a stunning final piece.

If you would like a giant float of your own Give us a call today!

Art Installation for the Crown Estate

We worked on an art installation for the Ground Floor Project at Waterloo Place in Mayfair. Working with architects firm RCKA, the installation was commissioned as a result of a competition facilitated by iconic design magazine Ground Floor Project on behalf of The Crown Estate.

The works not only improved the acoustics within the entrance, but also produced a visual illusion as the colours of the installation change when you walk past, as demonstrated in the time-lapse video.
Crown Estate

BBC Big Cats

The BBC big cats team needed something tough enough for a tiger to play with so they called in cutfoam


BBC Big Cats

Medivet - Rhino

Medivet the Vets commissioned this piece to be used at an event for the launch of their Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign.

We were excited when they approached us with the idea of using the same processes as toy polystyrene aeroplanes to create a giant 2m long rhino and the eye-catching final result did not disappoint.

Together with Dr William Fowlds and the Wilderness Foundation, they have made it their mission to help save the rhino from the poaching crisis in South Africa. Over £150,000 has been raised through their campaign so far! Find out more here.

Sainsbury's - Christmas Decorations

Sainsbury's approached Cutfoam looking for a partner to work with in the creation of there christmas decorations.

They wanted the wow factor, but also needed to role them out in all major stores over the UK so the volume was extremely high, an efficient manufacturing process was key to getting this job done.

The final concept was concentric rings to create a 3D shaped christmas tree from a 2D cutting pattern and very efficient use of material and clever design.

Story Terrace

Story Terrace is an amazing organisation that helps people tell their stories. They find ordinary people in society who have done incredible things and enable these people to tell the world about it.

Story Terrace approached us with the concept of a giant book the public could look through to raise awareness for the work they do.

For more on Story Terrace visit their website.
Story Terrace


When Brillo wanted some bespoke foam cube seating for a show they asked Cutfoam to do the job.

Using our expert in-house upholsters and printed fabric covers, Cutfoam ensured they had a colourful and exciting look on the trade show stand.

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness the world wide fashion label came to Cutfoam to make some props to liven there shop displays up.

The colourful giant lipsticks looked great in there trendy London shop.

We achieved exact colour matches with our rubberised coatings to obtain the vivid colours they were asking for.
Lulu Guinness

Kiss FM

Kiss FM one of the nations favourite radio stations needed giant letter "k" for there upcoming promotional events.
The biggest of the K's was over 1.3m high and just as wide!
Using our RAL colour matching service we got them the perfect brand colour match for the coating colours.
Kiss FM

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI)

This project for the BCI was designed to represent the steps you would take to get to the top of the organisation.

We used a rubber coating that we could pantone match to their brand colours along with our specialy developed letter transfer technique to deliver this result.

Bounce Energy Balls

This job for Bounce was part of a larger project. Our part in this was to create the complex shaped ball stoppers for the entrance to a ball pit.

We used a rubber coating that could be pantone matched to the Bounce brand colours along with our specialy developed letter transfer technique to deliver this result.

Metallic Finish & CNC

This job was a perfect example of the capabilities of our new CNC cutting equipment along side the colour matching and metallic finishes we can achieve here at Cutfoam.
Cool Cuts

Operation Suit

This job for a local artist was a particularly fun one for the Cutfoam team. with the suit needing to be durable enough to wear and hold form but not so thick that it was not comfortable.

We used our specialist rubber coating to achieve a realistic skin tone and our transfer system for the facial features. The result was a "shocking" success!
Operation Suit

Arcadis Wall

This project for Arcadis was a real challenge. The brief was to build four 9m long walls with thousands of individual bricks!

The company's concept was for a team building event where employees were tasked to construct the wall from the individual bricks. The team at Cutfoam HQ took on the challenge too and it was not easy!
Arcadis Wall

Giant Milk Jug

This giant milk jug was created for a shopping centre display.

It was part of a larger Christmas display with a huge Christmas pudding, we did not see the pudding, but we imagine they must have had a lot of leftovers!
Giant Milk Jug

Ball Pit

This ball pit is a great example of the range of things we do at Cutfoam. The entire construction from the edging to the bespoke sewn covers of the pit were all manufactured at Cutfoam HQ.
Ball Pit