Display Stands

Nicholas Kirkwood

When Nicholas Kirkwood approached Cutfoam with the concept practical art they wanted for the display in there new exclusive Mayfair branch.

We were very excited about the ambitious design they were proposing and the result was stunning.contact us - we can make almost anything.
Nicholas Kirkwood

Moët & Chandon

For the launch of the new Moët & Chandon champagne bottle we were tasked to produce a huge 3D screen to project their visual effects on.

The concept was that the logo of the famous DJ playing was visible while he was playing then disappeared so that the Moët & Chandon logo was put over the same screen for the new bottle presentation.

Are you planning a high profile event that needs the wow factor? Speak to one of our experts about your needs today.


When Nike needed to give the launch of its new shoe a standout display, they got Cutfoam's lettering department to give it the extra punch it needed.

For more information on creating eye-catching letter displays - visit our Letters section.

Britain's Got Talent

When Britain's Got Talent called saying they were having trouble finding a 13-foot long sofa for one of their acts to do summersaults from, we were unsurprised - but we told them they had come to the right place!

We designed the sofa in a firm density foam so that it was easy to stand and jump from and used a fabric that was resilient enough to take the stress of a troop doing an acrobatic routine.

If your sofa needs to have something a little more than what you can find on the high street: contact us - we have that something extra.

Stella Mccartney

When Stella Mccartney requested items for a photo shoot Cutfoam were more than happy to make them.
They wanted to go with a foam concept for the runway models to be able to "sink into the props and become part of the prop".

If you need props for photo shoots contact us - we can make almost anything.
Stella Mccartney

Cardiff City

Cardiff City Football Club wanted advertising crash pads for the edge of their pitch. They needed them to be strong enough to take the impact of a player with boots crashing into them yet also not be so hard that they would injure themselves.

We use a mid-range density foam and our transfer systems to put the logo on. As far as we're aware, the players are still crashing into them to this day!

Give us a call if you would like to discuss installing hardwearing crash pads at your club.
Cardiff City