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If when you think of foam your first thought is of mattresses and crash mats, prepare to have your mind blown. Here at Cutfoam, our design team creates acoustic foam installations, which do more than simply control noise – they are also true works of art.



Take a look for yourselves and discover a whole range of services that we provide including custom-made furniture,acoustic sound-proofing options, foam for all of your packaging needs and a design section showcasing the showstopping pieces the Cutfoam design team is able to create using the latest technology and expert know-how. You will be amazed a what a simple piece of foam can turn into when you leave it in our capable hands.



The design section showcases some of the larger projects that come to us at Cutfoam. From life-size rhinos to nationwide store decorations – we’re confident that we can meet all of your foam needs.


Get in touch to find out how we can turn your dreams into reality.


The stylish new site was designed in collaboration with expert programme developers and online marketeers to offer you, our valued customers, the best possible user-experience when you visit us online.


We would love to hear what you think of Cutfoam’s new look. Call us, email us, send us a tweet, or write on our Facebook wall to let us know your thoughts. As with all new things glitches will happen so if you notice anything that looks a bit strange drop us a line so we can get our web team on it pronto.


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